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 "Live on Stage - Sacks on 45: LBP Medley" by CuriousSack

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BeitragThema: "Live on Stage - Sacks on 45: LBP Medley" by CuriousSack   Mo Dez 08, 2014 5:26 am

Hello and welcome! You've used the QR-Code in the "Live on Stage: Sacks on 45 - LBP Medley" level and great! You just became participant of an innovative experiment and found your way to this thread, where you can find additional information about

- the making of the level and the music
- the original "Stars on 45" project, which has been the template for the LBP medley
- the rebuilding of scenes out of the LBP2 story levels
- the light effect machine used in the level and created by aleparad
- some info about the mysterious creator called CuriousSack

So lets start the show! Smile

From a Request to a LBP Music Medley:

From a LBP Music Medley nearly to a LBP Level Medley:

The "Stars on 45" Project:

An Old Idea gets a New Impulse:

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"Live on Stage - Sacks on 45: LBP Medley" by CuriousSack
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